The Project


The ValeRIAPLUS project: ”Evaluate the relationship between Teaching and Learning by promoting and working on the unity of the system”. By transferring the Valeria product ( into Valeria Plus, the project aims at consolidating and expanding, in both target and application area, good internal and external evaluation practices,  that have been used as a resource to improve the relationship between teaching and learning, which is a very relevant element to determine the learning success of a student.The aim is, therefore, taking in consideration the critical elements emerged from the national and international relationships, to improve the weak points by working on a responsible and active participation in the evaluation processes of students, CFP trainers, secondary school teachers from different courses of studies both Italian and foreign.The element interested in the transfer process is an integrated system for research, observation and  consideration of the results, made up of an ad-hoc structure that uses methodologies such as audit, observation, interview, evidence trough questionnaires, focus group.The figures involved in the project are 20 partners coordinated by the IISS Don Tonino Bello Institute from Tricase (Le), guided by the Steering Committee and its qualified experts, an external assessor and external supporting partners.

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